Course Materials EMDR Botswana Level I

Please read the following papers before the start of the training: 

(a syllabus with handouts of the presentations will be given on day one)

Brochure EMDR level 1 Training Botswana 2020
Worksheet inWord  & PDF
🇬🇧 NICE guidelines on PTSD
Introduction on EMDR
The full-8-phase-explanation

A short 7-minute video on EMDR (Hellen Hornsveld is in the video)

Please click for a short 3 minutes explanation of how EMDR works.

Further reading

(not necessary before the start of the training).

EMDR Europe
EMDR International

Working memory, (Maxfield et al, ) 

Does timing matter in ptsd treatments (Gutner et al. 2016)

Window of Tolerance

Resouce Development and Installation Protocol